Thank you for your interest in my being elected to office of Chandler Mayor. Chandler has a bright future! We have seen great recovery and prosperity during my terms in office as a Chandler Council member, a position I will occupy until the mayoral election 2018.  We were one of the first cities, if not the first, to rise out of the recession years ago. During these years we have received accolades for being one of the top cities in the nation in regard to prosperity, safety, desirability, education and transparency. Chandler continues to be the recipient of awesome news: the Intel expansion, small businesses flocking to our city, revitalization of the downtown and several corporate headquarters relocating here. This continues to be my vision!

My commitment as Chandler’s Mayor is to create and ensure Chandler’s legacy as a world class community. My priorities are the following:

  • Great schools
  • Great jobs
  • Great safe neighborhoods.

An advantage of being an incumbent is that I have a track record of accomplishments:

  • Chandler has consistently garnered accolades for some of the top schools in the state. I have championed and volunteered at our local schools for over a decade.
  • Chandler is emerging as the Innovation and Technology Hub of the Southwest.
  • Chandler was recently ranked 4thin the nation for technology startups.
  • Chandler was recently rated as one of the safest communities in the nation.
  • Chandler was recently recognized as the 4thbest city in the nation to raise children.
  • Chandler is one of a few dozen cities in the nation to have received an AAA bond rating from each of the three rating agencies.
  • Thousands of new jobs are being created in Chandler in every year.
  • I have consistently voted to lower property taxes and will continue to do so.
  • Our cost of service in Chandler is among the lowest in the Valley in terms of sales tax, property tax and utility costs.

For over three decades I have served and led in our community as the pastor of a Chandler church (Trinity Christian Fellowship for 32 years), director of a local non-profit organization, For Our City – Chandler (8 years), literacy advocate in Chandler schools (11 years), commissioner on both the Chandler Planning and Zoning and Human Relations Boards. I currently serve and lead regionally in economic development, transportation and human services. I continue to be honored to serve our community. Together we can create and continue Chandler’s legacy as one of our nation’s premier cities.

There is a large, broad based support team working on my campaign for mayor. Will you join us?