Caring for our community means putting family first. Safe neighborhoods, Excellent schools, have been and will continue to be my focus as your Mayor.


Chandler is emerging as the Innovation and Technology Hub of the Southwest.


Our cost of service in Chandler is among the lowest in the Valley in terms of sales tax, property tax and utility costs. I have consistently voted to lower property taxes and will continue to do so.


Chandler has consistently garnered accolades for having some of the top schools in the state. I have championed, supported and volunteered for over a decade.


Chandler is one of a few dozen cities in the nation to have received an AAA bond rating from each of the three rating agencies. Part of my job, as Vice Mayor, has been to uphold the integrity of our city’s credit. It’s both my honor, and my responsibility, to maintain this notable achievement.


Chandler was recently ranked 4th in the nation for technology startups. Thousands of new jobs are being created every year in our city. For every high tech job created in our city, three other jobs are also created through the economic multiplier effect.
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#SOTC2018 Video

Mayor Jay Tibshraeny's State of the City address started with an intro video highlighting Chandler's humble beginnings and how it grew into the Innovation and Technology Hub of the Southwest. #GrownInChandler #SOTC2018

Posted by City Government of Chandler, Arizona on Tuesday, February 13, 2018
Fun Facts About Kevin
Lived in 60 below and over 120+ degree weather
Married for 36 years
Watches up to 7 rescue dogs at a time
Climbed a 19k ft high peak in Peru
Has volunteered at Galveston Elementary School for over 12 years
Focus, Believe, Inspire

For years, Kevin Hartke has devoted himself to serving the City of Chandler and enriching our community, as Vice Mayor.

Schools With the Best Education

Kevin has championed and volunteered at our local schools for over a decade.


Chandler was recently recognized as the 4th
best city in the nation to raise children.

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Endorsed by Chandler School Board Members: Annette Auxier, David Evans, and Bob Rice