Chandler Achievements

During the seven years I have served on Chandler City Council, great things have happened.
My commitment as Chandler’s Mayor is to create and continue Chandler’s legacy as a world class community.

We were one of the first cities, if not the first, to rise out of the recession. We have received accolades for being one of the top cities in the nation in regard to prosperity, safety, desirability, education and transparency.
 Chandler Achievements
There have been excellent announcements this year alone of testifying of our economic vitality.
Rogers Corporation moved their global headquarters from Rogers, New Hampshire to Chandler in June. MST tripled their work force in Chandler. Orbital announced that they were adding 500 new jobs as well as demonstrating their Chandler built technology with a successful missile intercept. Intel announced that they are adding three thousand jobs to Chandler. Intel also announced that they built the largest solar parking lot in the state at our Price Corridor plant. Chandler has a wide variety of jobs and boasts of the lowest unemployment rates in Arizona.
We are proud of our community achievements in 2017.
Chandler won the “battle of the burbs” a local radio contest measuring civic pride. Chandler will flex its collaborative muscles and gather and distribute three thousand backpacks to kids across the city in July of 2017. This is our fifth annual give away where fifty nonprofits and faith communities will work together to prepare as many of our Chandler children for school as possible.
We, the city of Chandler and residents from five Home Owner Associations, worked together to “convince” Salt River Project (SRP) to bury 230 kv transmission lines in the city’s right away. SRP stated frequently and emphatically that they could not and would not bury the lines and kept pushing for overhead transmission lines either on the Price Corridor or Ellis road.
In June, Chandler was voted the best place to live in the greater Phx valley for 2017. This status was based upon crime rates, job opportunities, state of public schools, cost of living and other amenities. Similarly in May, Chandler was voted the second best suburb to raise families based upon similar criteria. In March, Chandler was rated one of the top thirty happiest places to live in the United States. Granted, we are not Disney Land, but our winter weather, parks, low crime, great schools and other amenities make life pretty grand in Chandler!
Chandler consistently receives accolades over the years I have been in leadership for being one of the safest cities, best run cities, best places for economic potential and tech start ups and one of top thriving cities in the nation. I could continue with more tributes to our city, but I hope you see my point: we are pointed in a direction that will bring economic prosperity, community togetherness and caring for our poor and needy. Join me in this future!

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