Weekly Update 4-30-18

As April comes to a close, I am excited to wrap up another exciting week in Chandler, Arizona. On April 27th I attended an all-day budget session to work on the next budget for our city. Chandler’s future is bright as the city continues to grow and thrive. This year’s budget has been constructed conservatively and enjoys a triple-A bond rating from all three rating agencies. All three public safety unions have signed off on two-year contracts.


While the city faces an underfunded public safety liability that was inherited by bad speculation from the state pension board, we continue to pay it down. This 2018/2019 budget adds $9.9 million in one-time money to do this. Every city is facing the same issue, but we have chosen to pay it down rapidly rather than kick the can down the road for future residents to be saddled with it. I am also happy to report that overall crime rates have decreased in Chandler over the last year by 3.8 %. The last years have also been exceptionally low making this decrease all the more exceptional.


In other Chandler developments this week, I was able to attend the groundbreaking ceremony for Orbital ATK’s new 47-acre facility here in Chandler. Orbital ATK is a leading aerospace and defense company and they are expanding their operations in Chandler. Once completed, Orbital ATK will provide over 2,000 jobs in Chandler. I am excited to see their presence grow in Chandler and for the opportunities, this provides to our city. More information about this development can be found here.



This past week I and For Our City Chandler leaders met to prepare for the impact that the teacher’s walkout would have on families and children in our community. Volunteers came together to prepare snack packs for children and to provide other services to support children who would normally been in school this week. It is a privilege to be able to work with groups such as this to provide a tangible help to our communities. If you are looking for a way to get involved in supporting our community and enjoy collaborating with great people, I highly recommend For Our City Chandler. More information can be found here.


We are blessed in Chandler to have such great leaders and compassionate and concerned volunteers. Thank you!!

Posted by Kevin Hartke for Chandler on Friday, April 27, 2018


Momentum continues to build in my campaign to be Chandler’s next Mayor. This week I was joined by several of my colleagues and many supporters at Alamo Draft House for a Meet and Greet event. I was able to speak with many individual supporters, meet with several groups interested in my campaign and speak before large groups of several hundred. I enjoy these events because it gives me an opportunity to meet so many members of our community and ensure them that I hear their voice and am supporting and representing the needs of our community. I would love to meet you at my next event, at a coffee place or with a group at your house. Please check my facebook page and events page to see when the next event is available.


Meet and Greet at Alamo Drafthouse Phoenix with, Terry Roe For Chandler, Rene Lopez for Chandler City Council, Matt Eberle for Chandler City Council, Nora Ellen, Jeremy Robert Bain McClymonds, Thank you everyone we had an awesome time.

Posted by Kevin Hartke for Chandler on Wednesday, April 25, 2018


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