Update 5-5-18

I am pleased to share that this week I turned in my petitions and am now an official candidate for mayor of Chandler. As an official candidate, I want to thank everyone who signed the petition supporting my candidacy for this race and I look forward to continuing to serve our great city. In the coming months, I look forward to continuing to connect with voters and share my goals for this role. I am passionate about our community and look forward to representing my fellow Chandler residents as your next mayor.  


I want to say thank you to everyone that signed my petition. Now it is official, as of today, I am your mayoral candidate for Chandler 2018!!

Posted by Kevin Hartke for Chandler on Monday, April 30, 2018


To my opponent, Martin Sepulveda, it’s time to debate! You need to file your paperwork and become an official candidate to make this happen. I have told you for months that we will meet and discuss issues related to Chandler. Now is that time. I look forward to discussing Council track records related to serving Chandler, your math claims, and false accusations. Turn in your paperwork and let’s set up a public and publicized forum with the Chandler Chamber. I and the voters of Chandler are waiting on you. To all who read this, encourage Martin Sepulveda to turn in his signatures NOW and officially become a candidate.


I also want to share some great news for our city of Chandler:


This week we celebrated the expansion of the Santan Vista Water Treatment Plant in partnership with the Town of Gilbert. This water plant will provide clean water for both Chandler and Gilbert and through this partnership, the taxpayers of Chandler will save over $30 million in the cost of completing the plant expansion.


The current unemployment in Chandler is 3.8% which is the lowest rate since the year 2000. This underscores the continued economic growth the city has been enjoying.


A recent report on the ASU School of Engineering shows this is now the largest engineering program in the US and that over 75% of graduates stay in state after they complete their program. This is another great asset to the continued development of Chandler’s economic growth.


I also had an opportunity to be involved with some great causes this week. Relay for Life, an event the raises funds for the American Cancer Society was held on Friday. My wife, Lynne Hartke, was an attendee of the event in 2009 and has served in a leadership role with the annual event since 2010. I am privileged to also be involved with the event and supporting fundraising efforts for an excellent cause and collaborating with groups from all over Chandler. This week, I was able to raise over $1,200 for the Chandler Police Department Team by participating in their “Jail and Bail” event. Doing my time was well worth it for this cause!


Upcoming Events:

Meet & Greet With Kevin Hartke

Saturday, May 12th 6:00 PM

Forum with Revelation Realty

2301 S. Stearman Dr.

Chandler, AZ 852086

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