Update 6-17-18


This week I was able to attend the Wake Up Chandler Event, hosted by the Arizona Credit Union. This is an excellent event that allows business leaders to network in our city. I feel privileged to be able to participate in these events.


Posted by Kevin Hartke for Chandler on Wednesday, June 13, 2018



New Banner Health Hospital


There is going to be a new hospital opened in Chandler. The Banner Health Hospital is a further improvement to the health and safety of our city. The soon to be built, four-story, 240,000-square-foot hospital will be located on the southeast corner of Alma School Road and Loop 202 Santan Freeway. It will be adjacent to the existing Banner Health Center in Chandler, and will help fulfill the health care needs of area residents, including those who reside in Ahwatukee, Chandler and Gilbert.

Banner Health to build new hospital in Chandler


Recently, Nora Ellen resigned from her seat as Chandler Councilwoman to seek a seat in the Arizona State Legislator. The Chandler City Council is working to select a candidate to fulfill the remainder of her term, which expires in January 2021. This is an important issue and one that is not made lightly. An initial 36 candidates put forward applications for the seat and the council has refined that list down to 9 candidates who will have interviews conducted on June 25th. The selected candidate will be sworn in on June 28th.


It has been a challenge to narrow down the candidates and I am excited to see a great variety of experience and skills in these candidates. I am happy to say that each of the selected candidates serves within our community on boards or commissions and are also members of community businesses, service organizations, or educational institutions. We have a refined pool of dedicated and engaged residents and I am excited to work with this new council member in the years to come.  

6-6-18 Update


This last week, I was honored to be able to recognize our fallen services members at Sun Cemetary on this past Memorial Day. The sacrifices of our service members have been great and being part of this ceremony was important for me personally as I reflected on those in my life who have served our country. By recognizing our service members, we acknowledge their sacrifices and recognize how those who have served contribute to the freedoms we enjoy.

Memorial Day at Valley of the Sun Cemetery. 🇺🇸🇺🇸 with Lynne Hartke, Matt Eberle for Chandler City Council.

Posted by Kevin Hartke for Chandler on Monday, May 28, 2018


On a lighter note, I submitted my final signatures to secure my spot on this year’s mayoral ballot. I posted the following quiz on Facebook asking how many signatures of support that I received:


Quiz: How many signatures did I turn in to secure being on the ballot for the Chandler Mayoral election. (Hint, there was a blue grass song that came out in 1959 with the opening line, “In _______ I took a little trip…)


If you guess was 1814, then you are correct! I am immensely grateful for all those who showed their support and signed to make this nomination a reality. Through the community’s overwhelming support, I was able to exceed the needed number of signatures. At this time, the application deadline is passed. As the August election grows closer, I will continue to organize support and meet with voters to make sure that I will be representing the needs and interests of Chandler as Mayor. As I was the only candidate that submitted signatures, I will be running unopposed in the upcoming election. I look forward to Chandler’s bright future.


Chandler was named one of the top ten places for the class of 2018 to find a job this year. I am excited that Chandler continues to be recognized as an incredible place to live and work. You can learn more about this list here: https://www-cnbc-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2018/05/31/wallethub-the-10-best-places-to-find-a-job-this-year.html


I was able to speak at the open house celebrating Chandler Fire Department Station # 11:


Open house at Chandler Fire Department station no.11 congratulations.

Posted by Kevin Hartke for Chandler on Saturday, June 2, 2018


Update 5-27-18


This has been another exciting week for the City of Chandler, Arizona. I was able to participate in a groundbreaking ceremony for WingSpan. WingSpan will be launching three distinct phases of development to provide offices and hangar space at the Chandler Municipal Airport. I look forward to seeing Chandler’s aviation industry continue to grow.


I was also privileged this week to be able to oversee the food box distribution at Trinity Christian Fellowship. These food boxes provide key support to residents of Chandler who need assistance. It is always a wonderful experience to be able to support and meet with the residents that come for the food boxes and those who volunteer to help distribute them. Please contact me if you would like to be involved in future food box distributions, either as a volunteer, recipient, or both!


It’s a blessing to serve those in need. Food box 📦 distribution at Trinity Christian Fellowship. 🙏🏻😊

Posted by Kevin Hartke for Chandler on Tuesday, May 22, 2018


This week, I was joined by Matt Eberle as we submitted more signatures for our respective campaigns. I am excited by the support and progress my mayoral campaign has obtained so far and look forward to continuing this campaign as the elections approach. I look forward to leading and supporting Chandler as its next mayor.

More signatures. With Matt Eberle for Chandler City Council.

Posted by Kevin Hartke for Chandler on Friday, May 25, 2018


A great end to the week came with the celebration of Living Chandler’s second anniversary. What better way to celebrate than with a pool party! It was great seeing the many involved members of our community, yet another aspect that makes Chandler a great place to live.

Pool party celebration LC group second anniversary! 👍🏻😊

Posted by Kevin Hartke for Chandler on Saturday, May 26, 2018

Update 5-20-18


Being on the Chandler City Council provides many opportunities to speak at and engage many different groups in Chandler and beyond. This past week had many stellar examples of this:


Spoke at a Haitian Gala, 2 Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cuttings, Chandler’s Elk Club Pancake Breakfast for Veterans on Armed Services Day, Chapel Service for a Christian School, Attended the 125th Anniversary of Salvation Army’s work in Arizona, Intel’s Annual Volunteerism Celebration, Valley Metro and the Regional Public Transportation Authority Boards and an A+ Celebration for Carlson Elementary School and a Taiwanese Cooking Demonstration. Clearly, I love being involved in the many wonderful events happening in our town.

Free pancake breakfast for Veterans at Chandler Lodge of Elks #2429. Thank you for your service.it was a pleasure to be there this morning.

Posted by Kevin Hartke for Chandler on Saturday, May 19, 2018


Speaking Free Pancake Breakfast for Veterans at Chandler Lodge of Elks #2429


It is always exciting to see how dreams come true. Swingin' Safari Mini Golf, LLC is a new business in Chandler, and it is owned by a couple who happen to be members of the Living Chandler FB group. This is awesome. It’s all about community. Congratulations to them!

Posted by Kevin Hartke for Chandler on Saturday, May 19, 2018


Ribbon Cutting at Swingin’ Safari Mini Golf, LLC


The BIG campaign news this past week on the campaign trail is that the remaining candidate running against me dropped out of the race. Last year two other potential candidates decided to do the same. As we continue towards the primary election in August, we will continue to meet and listen with residents and groups to hear their concerns and success stories and share our message of economic prosperity, keeping our city safe, fiscal stability and great schools.

Update 5-13-18


This week, I was privileged to provide the invocation at the Chandler Fallen Officer Memorial Ceremony. It is an incredible tragedy when an officer is lost in the line of duty and I am grateful for all who serve Chandler and make it a safer place. Because of the dedicated men and women who serve, Chandler is made a safer community and I recognize our officer’s role in helping provide some of the lowest crime rates in recent years.


I was also able to attend the Law Enforcement and Firefighters 4th Annual Prayer Breakfast this week. This event recognizes the finest in our communities’ first responders. I was able to attend this event with fellow Chandler Councilman Terry Roe and the event included state leaders Governor Doug Ducey and Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery in its speaker lineup. It was a privilege to participate in this event honoring those who serve in Chandler.


This last Saturday, we had an incredible event hosted by Revelation Real Estate. I want to thank everyone who was able to come out to support my campaign and look forward to our next event. Thank you to Chuck Fazio and his wife for your support. Also thanks to JD Mesnard, Terry Roe, Nora Ellen, and Matt Eberle for Chandler City Council, it is always a pleasure to have you guys with us. Music entertainment was provided by Lois Zozobrado singing Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond

We had an awesome time at Revelation Real Estate! Thank you to Chuck Fazio and his wife for your support. And JD Mesnard, Terry Roe, Nora Ellen, Matt Eberle for Chandler City Council always a pleasure to have you guys with us. Music 🎶 entertainment by Lois Zozobrado singing Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond

Posted by Kevin Hartke for Chandler on Sunday, May 13, 2018

Downtown Chandler continues to grow and thrive. Last week a great new restaurant and event venue opened, QuartHaus! The ribbon cutting was an excellent introduction to this location and I look forward to having them as part of the downtown Chandler offerings. Check them out next time you are in downtown Chandler.


Update 5-5-18


I am pleased to share that this week I turned in my petitions and am now an official candidate for mayor of Chandler. As an official candidate, I want to thank everyone who signed the petition supporting my candidacy for this race and I look forward to continuing to serve our great city. In the coming months, I look forward to continuing to connect with voters and share my goals for this role. I am passionate about our community and look forward to representing my fellow Chandler residents as your next mayor.  


I want to say thank you to everyone that signed my petition. Now it is official, as of today, I am your mayoral candidate for Chandler 2018!!

Posted by Kevin Hartke for Chandler on Monday, April 30, 2018


To my opponent, Martin Sepulveda, it’s time to debate! You need to file your paperwork and become an official candidate to make this happen. I have told you for months that we will meet and discuss issues related to Chandler. Now is that time. I look forward to discussing Council track records related to serving Chandler, your math claims, and false accusations. Turn in your paperwork and let’s set up a public and publicized forum with the Chandler Chamber. I and the voters of Chandler are waiting on you. To all who read this, encourage Martin Sepulveda to turn in his signatures NOW and officially become a candidate.


I also want to share some great news for our city of Chandler:


This week we celebrated the expansion of the Santan Vista Water Treatment Plant in partnership with the Town of Gilbert. This water plant will provide clean water for both Chandler and Gilbert and through this partnership, the taxpayers of Chandler will save over $30 million in the cost of completing the plant expansion.


The current unemployment in Chandler is 3.8% which is the lowest rate since the year 2000. This underscores the continued economic growth the city has been enjoying.


A recent report on the ASU School of Engineering shows this is now the largest engineering program in the US and that over 75% of graduates stay in state after they complete their program. This is another great asset to the continued development of Chandler’s economic growth.


I also had an opportunity to be involved with some great causes this week. Relay for Life, an event the raises funds for the American Cancer Society was held on Friday. My wife, Lynne Hartke, was an attendee of the event in 2009 and has served in a leadership role with the annual event since 2010. I am privileged to also be involved with the event and supporting fundraising efforts for an excellent cause and collaborating with groups from all over Chandler. This week, I was able to raise over $1,200 for the Chandler Police Department Team by participating in their “Jail and Bail” event. Doing my time was well worth it for this cause!


Upcoming Events:

Meet & Greet With Kevin Hartke

Saturday, May 12th 6:00 PM

Forum with Revelation Realty

2301 S. Stearman Dr.

Chandler, AZ 852086

Weekly Update 4-30-18


As April comes to a close, I am excited to wrap up another exciting week in Chandler, Arizona. On April 27th I attended an all-day budget session to work on the next budget for our city. Chandler’s future is bright as the city continues to grow and thrive. This year’s budget has been constructed conservatively and enjoys a triple-A bond rating from all three rating agencies. All three public safety unions have signed off on two-year contracts.


While the city faces an underfunded public safety liability that was inherited by bad speculation from the state pension board, we continue to pay it down. This 2018/2019 budget adds $9.9 million in one-time money to do this. Every city is facing the same issue, but we have chosen to pay it down rapidly rather than kick the can down the road for future residents to be saddled with it. I am also happy to report that overall crime rates have decreased in Chandler over the last year by 3.8 %. The last years have also been exceptionally low making this decrease all the more exceptional.


In other Chandler developments this week, I was able to attend the groundbreaking ceremony for Orbital ATK’s new 47-acre facility here in Chandler. Orbital ATK is a leading aerospace and defense company and they are expanding their operations in Chandler. Once completed, Orbital ATK will provide over 2,000 jobs in Chandler. I am excited to see their presence grow in Chandler and for the opportunities, this provides to our city. More information about this development can be found here.



This past week I and For Our City Chandler leaders met to prepare for the impact that the teacher’s walkout would have on families and children in our community. Volunteers came together to prepare snack packs for children and to provide other services to support children who would normally been in school this week. It is a privilege to be able to work with groups such as this to provide a tangible help to our communities. If you are looking for a way to get involved in supporting our community and enjoy collaborating with great people, I highly recommend For Our City Chandler. More information can be found here.


We are blessed in Chandler to have such great leaders and compassionate and concerned volunteers. Thank you!!

Posted by Kevin Hartke for Chandler on Friday, April 27, 2018


Momentum continues to build in my campaign to be Chandler’s next Mayor. This week I was joined by several of my colleagues and many supporters at Alamo Draft House for a Meet and Greet event. I was able to speak with many individual supporters, meet with several groups interested in my campaign and speak before large groups of several hundred. I enjoy these events because it gives me an opportunity to meet so many members of our community and ensure them that I hear their voice and am supporting and representing the needs of our community. I would love to meet you at my next event, at a coffee place or with a group at your house. Please check my facebook page and events page to see when the next event is available.


Meet and Greet at Alamo Drafthouse Phoenix with, Terry Roe For Chandler, Rene Lopez for Chandler City Council, Matt Eberle for Chandler City Council, Nora Ellen, Jeremy Robert Bain McClymonds, Thank you everyone we had an awesome time.

Posted by Kevin Hartke for Chandler on Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Upcoming Events:


Meet & Greet With Kevin Hartke

Saturday, May 12th 6:00 PM

Forum with Revelation Realty

2301 S. Stearman Dr.

Chandler, AZ 852086

Update from Kevin Hartke 4-21-18


This has been a productive and busy week. I have spoken at a Veterans group, at our Chamber Leadership Day, Neighbors Who Care, a large retirement group in south-east Chandler and at Si Se Puede’s annual banquet. I have attended our Chamber’s Business after Business event, our Historical Society’s luncheon, a County Agriculture breakfast, directed a community food box giveaway, and spoke with dozens of individuals who have joined and supported my campaign to become Chandler’s next mayor.


The view from the community food box giveaway


Next week we have a Meet and Greet (please see additional details below), an all-day budget session, Council meetings and more opportunities to tell our story about Chandler’s future.

Recent Meet & Greet Event

An awesome time with Lynne Hartke, Terry Roe, Rene Lopez for Chandler City Council, Terry Roe For Chandler,J.D. Mesnard, Nora Ellen, Sam Szeto, Farhana Shifa for Arizona, Raphael Ahmed, Paul Ramirez, Lee Huff, and many more thank you for your support.

Posted by Kevin Hartke for Chandler on Saturday, April 14, 2018

One of the greatest privileges of serving in Chandler is the incredible communities and individuals that I am able to interact, work, collaborate and represent in my current role as City Councilman and in my future role as Mayor of Chandler. This week I was privileged to have the support of many members of our community at a Meet and Greet event hosted by members of Chandler’s Asian Community. The event was held on 4/14 at the C-Fu Gourmet Restaurant in Chandler. Additionally, I was honored to have multiple leaders present to show their support, including my friend, Sam Szeto; Speaker of the Arizona State House of Representatives, JD Mesnard; Lee Huff, Director of Veteran Services in Congressman Andy Biggs’ office; Chandler Vice Mayor, Nora Ellen; Chandler Councilman, Terry Roe; Chandler Councilman, Rene Lopez; Chandler Councilman, Sam Huang; and State Representative candidate, Farhana Shifa.


Speaking at last night’s Meet & Greet!

Posted by Kevin Hartke for Chandler on Sunday, April 15, 2018

Speaking at the recent Meet & Greet


Having the support of these leaders and the members of the community behind them encourages and inspires how I approach my work in our city.


Please join me and Chandler City Councilman Rene Lopez for a Meet and Greet event next Wednesday, April 25th from 5:30-7:00 PM at Alamo Drafthouse in Chandler. This is an excellent time to come and hear more about our vision for Chandler and how you can be involved in the future of our city. Additionally, there will be another Meet and Greet event on May 12th at the Forum with Revelation Realty at 6:00 PM, please join us. 


Upcoming Events:

Meet & Greet with Kevin Hartke and Rene Lopez

Wednesday, April 25th 5:30 PM- 7:00 PM

Alamo Drafthouse Phoenix (Chandler)

4955 S. Arizona Ave

Chandler, Arizona 85248


Meet & Greet With Kevin Hartke

Saturday, May 12th 6:00 PM

Forum with Revelation Realty

2301 S. Stearman Dr.

Chandler, AZ 852086


Update from Kevin Hartke 4-14-18


This has been a productive and exciting week in Chandler. I would like to take this opportunity to share some of the administrative processes that I am involved in within our city government as well as some of the excellent events that I have been able to participate in happening throughout the week. Continue to check back for further updates about Chandler’s goings on.


With my role as your Council member, we are in the midst of planning Chandler’s 2018/2019 budget. Our goal is to continue to treat our employees well, not raise property tax rates, develop more multi-use fields for recreation and other amenities, continue on our 11 year plan to aggressively pay down Chandler’s unfunded liability on Police and Fire pensions (we did not create the unfunded liability, but we have to pay it), remain structurally balanced and make sure that Chandler remains the best place in the valley to live, work and play.


Last Saturday, April 7th, I was able to attend Chandler’s 19th annual Jazz Festival, hosted in Downtown Chandler. This free event was a great opportunity to hear smooth Jazz groups, including the Bad News Blues Band and the Francine Reed-Lewis Nash All Star Band. Also, this festival offered an opportunity for people to enjoy the many excellent shops and restaurants in the downtown area. If you haven’t visited the downtown area recently, I recommend that you come check out the local offerings on your next night out.


My view at the Chandler Jazz Festival


On Tuesday, April 10th, the United Food Bank invited me to attend their 8th annual Friends Breakfast. The United Food Bank Friends Breakfast celebrates the incredible work and support provided by individuals and businesses in the area toward the vital work that the food bank provides. Through their support, the food bank provides 65,000 meals every day to those in need. It was a privilege to be part of this celebration and I was joined by multiple members of the Chandler City Government at this event.


Servants recognized at the Friend’s Breakfast


Our Chandler Chamber of Commerce hosts many incredible events and the most recent Wake Up Chandler on Wednesday, April 11th was no exception. Wake Up Chandler is a series of networking events hosted by the Chamber of Commerce on the second Wednesday of the month and this meeting was held at Famous Dave’s BBQ. This is a great event for businesses and organizations of all sizes and it was great to hear how our city is growing and thriving. For more information about Chamber events, you can visit their site: http://www.chandlerchamber.com/pages/networking-events


After several weeks of fierce and fun competition, Chandler has claimed its title as champion of the 2018 Battle of the Burbs competition. The competition, hosted by Mix 96.9 FM, seeks to find the most dedicated and engaged “burb” around and it’s no surprise that Chandler won out among the many great competitors. The prize for this victory was a free concert featuring Mat Kearney and his full band in downtown Chandler on Friday, April 13th. It was exciting to see how engaged the community was in this event and how our residents take pride in their city.