Endorsed by Congressman Andy Biggs

Endorsed by Arizona Senate President Steve Yarborough

Endorsed by Arizona Speaker of the House JD Mesnard

Endorsed by Chandler School Board Members: Annette Auxier, David Evans, and Bob Rice

For my Chandler friends, I fully endorse my other favorite Kevin for Mayor of Chandler. Kevin Hartke will serve the community well, and will continue the regional cooperation that has made the east valley the gem of Arizona. VOTE Kevin Hartke for Mayor!

Kevin Thompson, Mesa Council member

Kevin cares about the needs of our community, as well the individual and business owner. He serves faithfully as a compassionate, thoughtful person. I have know him for almost two decades and have seen him bring these same traits into public service for many years. Kevin will make a great Mayor for Chandler.

Nora EllenChandler Councilwoman and Associate Broker at Revelation Real Estate

I support and endorse Kevin Hartke for Mayor of the City of Chandler. Kevin and I have served 30+years as fellow Pastors in this community. He is a man who honors God, leads as a servant and cares deeply for our community.

Roger StormsRetired Pastor, Compass Church

I have known Kevin Hartke for many years both personally and in the political arena. He has always been a strong supporter of building a high quality city of Chandler. I wholeheartedly support his candidacy for mayor.

Jerry BrooksFormer Chandler Mayor

Kevin Hartke cares for everybody in Chandler regardless of their ethnicity and years of living here. Kevin will continue to serve all of Chandler’s citizens as Mayor.

Sam HuangCurrent Chandler Councilman

Kevin Hartke has been a leader in Chandler for many years. He is a fiscal conservative that diligently works to keep our city fiscally sound. He is the Mayor we need for Chandler now.

Terry RoeCurrent Chandler Councilman

I have served on City Council with Kevin since I have been a Council member. His patience wisdom and example of service have benefited me greatly. He will make a great Mayor!

Rene LopezCurrent Chandler Councilman

Endorsed by Dr. Gary Auxier