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Caring for our community means making sure that our community is safe for everyone and everyone has the opportunity to thrive and prosper. Chandler is one of the safest cities in the nation with a population over 250,000. I will make sure that our police and fire departments have the staff, training, equipment and technology to keep us safe.


Chandler continues to be the innovation hub of the southwest. Companies like Intel, Northrup Grumman, NXP and Rodgers have settled and expanded here for this reason. We continue to look at ways to innovate in city practices. Countries like Sweden have labeled Chandler the “Autonomous Vehicle Capitol of the World”.


Our cost of service in Chandler is among the lowest in the Valley in terms of sales tax, property tax and utility costs. I have consistently voted to lower property taxes and will continue to do so.


Chandler has consistently garnered accolades for having some of the top schools in the state. I have championed, supported and volunteered in our award winning public, charter and private schools for decades.


Chandler is one of a few dozen cities in the nation to have received an AAA bond rating from each of the three rating agencies. Part of my job, as your Mayor, is to uphold the integrity of our city’s credit. It’s both my honor, and my responsibility, to maintain this notable achievement.


Chandler continually rates high for job growth, technology startups, women in tech, etc. Thousands of new jobs are being created every year in our city. The Intel expansion will create 3,000 construction jobs, 3,000 engineer jobs and over 10,000 other jobs through the economic multiplier effect. Chandler truly is a jobs juggernaut.
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Climbed a 19k ft high peak in Peru
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Kevin Hartke


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